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Dagger Seminar with Christian Tobler, AKA Don't Get Stabbed

Monday, January 11, 2016


Christopher Valli


  1. I forgot to take pictures, so here's a stock image of a fencing mask
    23 May, 2016
    A Longsword Game, a.k.a. Pop!
    We played a new game in class on May 13th, the idea coming from multiple videos I've seen shared on facebook and other sites.
  2. touched up version I put together
    04 Apr, 2016
    Meyer's Second Cutting Form, AKA The Opposite Way
    Once again I'm back to do a little write up and review of a drill from class.  Hopefully this will be a useful utility for students to review and practice at home.  My apologies, the GIF is not the best quality; it was starting to rain so we were in a hurry to get the sequence on video.
  3. Review:  The Rawlings Synthetic Longsword, AKA Hit or Miss
    28 Mar, 2016
    Review: The Rawlings Synthetic Longsword, AKA Hit or Miss
    When we first started to get our class organized for Laurel City Historical Fencing, one decision we had to make was what tools to use for training.  Steel is by far the best option, but we hoped to purchase 8-10 training swords (along with masks).  You can't expect new students to join a class and also purchase hundreds of dollars worth of equipment.  I had set up a wholesale account years ago with CAS Iberia so the Rawlings line of synthetic longswords seemed the way to go.  They are not my
  4. This week's Cutting Drill, AKA Our First Solo Drill of the Week
    21 Mar, 2016
    This week's Cutting Drill, AKA Our First Solo Drill of the Week
    As per the comments of some of the students, I am hoping to use our website and Blog more frequently in order to share extra information with students.  We talk about what exercises we do in class, and any of the instructors are always available for questions, but this Blog as a resource may be more help if you are practicing alone at home during the week. Joachim Meyer's Cutting Square During our solo exercises on March 18th's class, we worked on a slightly different cutting pattern.  One of
  5. Image from the official Cold Steel Website
    18 Jan, 2016
    Review: Cold Steel Rondel Trainer, AKA A Cold Steel Product I Dont Hate
    Welcome to my first review blog! Today we're talking about the Cold Steel Rondel Dagger Trainer!
  6. Time to Train!
    15 Jan, 2016
    The New Year Perspective, AKA Better Late Than Never
    2015 was a busy but successful year for us at Laurel City Historical Fencing.  While class did not officially start until July 3rd, months of planning went into getting the class up and running.  In addition to curriculum (which Christian made much easier with Fighting with the German Longsword) I also ran around speaking with local churches and other businesses to find a facility.  Someone involved with town politics recommended I speak with the Winsted Recreation director Tanya (who has been a